I create and alter content by manipulating materials in subversive and playful compositions. Materials that inspire are often found, man-made objects that hold context. My work uses dialog invented through the interaction of these elements on a two or three-dimensional plane. I explore personal identity through art with the mentality of an exhibitionist: an honest exposure of self.

The "Bottle Diorama" series is a project primarily concerned with the exploration of human identity as it pertains to the body, environment, and interpersonal relations. It is about the juxtaposition of motion and stillness. e viewer is compelled to examine these glass vessels, from the distance of a surreal vantage point. e scale of the scenarios within empowers the viewer with a sense of omnipotent voyeurism, that is established by the intimate nature of the situation. Further inquiry leads to the discovery that the seemingly tranquil moments are being subverted by the complex interactions of intimacy, profanity, sexuality, and potentially disturbing realities that contribute equally to an honest presentation of the generally ambiguous nature of life.